Maximize Fuel Economy with These Owner Strategies

After driving your vehicle for a while, you know how much fuel you use and how often you have to fill up. If the cost of filling the tank makes you cringe, it's time to get serious about fuel economy. You can maximize your vehicle's fuel efficiency with these strategies.

Drive at the designated speed limit. Your vehicle reaches its peak fuel economy at a point below 50 mph. Every time you drive above 50 mph, your fuel economy drops significantly.

Avoid hauling anything on the roof. A cargo box increases wind resistance, which lowers your fuel economy. It can lower your efficiency by up to 25% when running at highway speeds. If you need to use one, remove it when you no longer need it. Keep your car well maintained. Routine maintenance keeps the engine running efficiently. Set an appointment here at the Twin City Hyundai service department in Alcoa today.


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