All-Weather Floor Mats Or Carpet: Which Is The Best?

Twin City Hyundai knows that you want to protect your vehicle and make it look nice at the same time. When it comes to protecting the floor of your vehicle, you have the choice of rubber floor mats or carpet. The one you should choose depends upon your particular situation.

Rubber floor mats protect against moisture and dirt. They can be used in all weather conditions including rain and snow. If you live in a wet and snowy climate, these mats are a great choice. They are very easy to clean. One drawback is that they only come in a limited number of colors.

Carpeted floor mats are a good choice if you want to match the floor mats with the rest of your vehicle's interior. They come in a wide variety of colors. They can be shampooed and cleaned, but they will get dirty easily in a muddy and snowy area.


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