Hyundai Kona Design Features In Focus

The Hyundai Kona is fast become one of the top-selling small SUVs in its class. The key to the Kona's popularity is its unique approach to exterior design. Here are some of the top design features that the current Hyundai Kona has to offer.

The Kona stands out with its eye-catching armor fender design that helps protect the vehicle with individual style. The first set of black armor fenders start at the headlight and extend to the front wheel wells. The second set of armor fenders begin at the taillights and extend to the rear wheel wells. To give the Kona a big first impression, this small SUV has a big, bold chrome mesh grille that gives size and heft to the front of the vehicle.

The Hyundai Kona is now available for an exclusive test drive. Stop by Twin City Hyundai and get behind the wheel of this popular, small SUV. Don't wait. We expect the Kona to move quickly.


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