One of the most unexpected challenges that many new parents face is correctly installing a child safety seat into their vehicle. Fortunately, a wealth of information is available to help out with this critical task, and the team at Twin City Hyundai in Alcoa, TN is always glad to assist.

Infant car seats are generally installed in a rear-facing direction while seats for older children are designed to face the front. You should purchase a safety seat based on the current age and size of your child and should be prepared to regularly replace the seat over the years as the child grows.

Before doing anything else, consult the car seat instruction booklet and your auto owner’s manual to ensure that you’re familiar with all the parts involved in the process as well as the exact installation location. Most car seats make use of the existing seatbelt to hold the seat, but some models may also require clips, tethers, and other items to fully secure everything in place.

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