When you stop by Twin City Hyundai to take a look at the Hyundai Kona, you will find a popular small SUV that is loaded with unique features. These features make it more fun to drive and a more practical choice for your transportation needs. Here are just a couple of those features explained.

The exterior is designed to make a statement. This begins with a range of color options, and not just your typical red and blue choices. You will be able to choose from such colors as Chalk White and Lime Twist, which will guarantee that you will be noticed as you drive around Alcoa, TN, in your Kona.

You will also notice the redesigned configuration of lights in the rear. This begins with a slimmer brake light that is easier for drivers to see, and a unique look for the turn signals. Take the Kona for a test drive at Twin City Hyundai to experience it for yourself.


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