Sorting through powertrain features when considering a new vehicle purchase can be confusing. Yet, the options that you select in a new vehicle make a big different in power production and ease of us. The type of transmission each vehicle utilizes greatly affects every performance aspect it possesses.

Individuals who desire little maintenance while driving will do best with an automatic transmission. This type of transmission takes care of shifting for drivers, providing a comfortable and smooth ride. Continuously variable transmissions function much in the same way, though they are typically found in smaller vehicles and hybrid options. A CVT is ideal for good fuel economy and modern powertrain setups.

If you enjoy the feel of vintage vehicles, a manual transmission may be for you. This type of transmission still requires user control and may result in a jerkier ride. However, they also bring back the nostalgic feel of older model autos. Drivers who enjoy a mixture of automatic shifting and manual controls may enjoy the fourth and final transmission type: a semi-automatic transmission. Mostly automatic with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, drivers can take over control when they want and allow the vehicle to do the rest.


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